Pantry Party

I have a love hate relationship with grocery shopping. It is definitely not my idea of shopping. Now, if you ask me to go shopping for clothes, shoes, or makeup, I grab my cute outfit and I am ready to go. I decided that my pantry was a mess and it was in desperate need of a makeup. I was tired of wasting food or having ten cans of the same soup and not realizing it. I truly have a passion for organizing things so I figured, “Why not my pantry?”

Brace yourself………… I know, the horror! I am not even sure how I lived with this. So I decided to change it. And give it a fresh look and really glam it up.



The first thing I did was add contact paper. It made such a huge difference. And the best part is that I got this wallpaper from the dollar store! I would not believe that they even had contact paper that was cute.


After I lined the entire inside apart from the trim, I placed the shelving back into place. I found these amazing canisters and bins and began to organize my heart out.



Doing this pantry makeover was so much fun. Not only has it made grocery shopping so much easier but it has made it fun. This DIY also saves on time since you can easily glance at your pantry and get a good idea of what is missing. It also did not take up much time or a lot of money. Next time you’re looking for a fun project, do not forget your pantry.

Find items here > Wallpaper  Can Rack  Wire Basket  Food Storage  White Bin

118 thoughts on “Pantry Party

  1. The contact paper makes such a huge difference in the look of the pantry! So cheap, and easy, and such a huge impact!!


  2. I love how you organized your pantry! It looks great ! Mine is always so messy and I have trouble finding stuff… I’m going to use your ideas to makeover my pantry this weekend!


  3. Wow, great life hack with the DIY. The contact paper design is beautiful and it not only changes the feel of grocery shopping but also the look.


    1. That’s a really good pantry. I actually love grocery shopping and I love to set up my pantry in various different boxes. I have always found lakeland stack-a-boxes a wonderful addition to my pantry. they have been my lifesavers! I just have so much stuff that I buy and then I love to organise it. Sounds kind of sad…


  4. I don’t even have a pantry lol. I have a cabinet that everything goes in and it is a mess! I am currently brainstorming how i can make it more organized and save space! I think you did a great job organizing!


  5. I’m right there with you. I do not like grocery shopping, but shopping for clothes is my jam. I could spend hours at Nordstrom but I’m usually running through the grocery store trying to get out within 15 mins. I love your pantry upgrade.


  6. How fun! I would never have thought to line the walls/shelves! I love the little design you chose! And I like how you organized with canisters, that’s so handy you can see inside and know how much you have of certain items. I like the can holder too! I also don’t like grocery shopping either!


  7. This looks amazing! I have started to grow my collection of canisters for my pantry and am slowly switching things over. I buy a couple every time I go shopping so it isn’t a huge expense all at once.


  8. Wow, you did a great job with your pantry. I need to start this project too. The contact paper idea is so cool.


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