Dreaming of a White Spring





Make sure that you add a little highlighter on your collarbone and a little on your shoulder. It gives you a little bit of summer glow. Once you use this trick, you won’t go back.

When spring comes around, I am ready to grab my cute chic dress. I am a true sucker for a dress. I love spring. It is when the world comes alive again. There is nothing like walking outside and seeing all the flowers bloom and the grass begins to get its color back. There is nothing like a well-fitted, light-material, feminine, off-shoulder dress. Especially if you just experienced the Florida heat. Wearing white can be fun, it also allows you to play up the outfit for a glamorous night on the town or if you need to look fabulous on the beach. One other thing I love about an off-shoulder dress is the many ways you can style and still look chic with minimal effort. I decided to go simple with my look and add a pop of color with my bag. Also, I added my sunglasses because it is the best accessory in Florida.

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112 thoughts on “Dreaming of a White Spring

  1. I was nearly screaming when I see your bag! I heart it so much~. The pink is my favourite pastel colour. Can you share more photos of the inside? It fits really well with your white dress~


  2. So, I’m loving your dress and your pink bag. I’m trying to be more confident in front of the camera and you’re doing it well. Thanks for sharing.


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