Dreaming of a White Spring





Make sure that you add a little highlighter on your collarbone and a little on your shoulder. It gives you a little bit of summer glow. Once you use this trick, you won’t go back.

When spring comes around, I am ready to grab my cute chic dress. I am a true sucker for a dress. I love spring. It is when the world comes alive again. There is nothing like walking outside and seeing all the flowers bloom and the grass begins to get its color back. There is nothing like a well-fitted, light-material, feminine, off-shoulder dress. Especially if you just experienced the Florida heat. Wearing white can be fun, it also allows you to play up the outfit for a glamorous night on the town or if you need to look fabulous on the beach. One other thing I love about an off-shoulder dress is the many ways you can style and still look chic with minimal effort. I decided to go simple with my look and add a pop of color with my bag. Also, I added my sunglasses because it is the best accessory in Florida.

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112 thoughts on “Dreaming of a White Spring

  1. Love this dress on you! In the Texas heat, you also want something light that you can be comfortable in and still feel pretty! Love it!


  2. I love white in the Spring and the Summer especially since I live in the South where it get hot and humid. Also I thing the pop of color was great and I will have to try the highlighter trick the next time I wear my off the shoulder top.


  3. pretty, summer look and love the glowy highlighter, it’s one of my favorite things to use any time of year pretty much! 🙂


  4. I am so loving your tip about the highlighting your shoulder and collar bone. I love dresses too and spring is for dresses 😉


  5. I love that cute dress. I’m such a sucker for summer dresses too. And I’m gonna have to try the highlighter on my shoulder! I’ve used it on my cheeks, but that’s about it.


  6. I’m the kind of girl who would have a million white items in her closet. I love white. Loved the dress on you and the shoes is cute too.


  7. I love adding a little highlighter to my collarbone and shoulders; it’s a great way to glow all year long!



  8. I love the feminine white lace detail on this dress! I would totally sport this style in the spring and summer.


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