10 Tips to Reducing Stress

Everyday, I try to live a stress-free life. Even though sometimes it can be hard, I try to make an effort to take time to myself. If you are as busy as I am or you have kids, it can be overwhelming. I know it is hard to relieve the stress. Or even take time for yourself. It is so important to take time to yourself and enjoy your day. Overall, it is more healthy and beneficial for you to be more stress-free. It is so natural for us to be stressed-out, overwhelmed, or worried. I know I always have the worry bug on my shoulder. But I always try to give myself time to relax. Even if it is sipping on my wine and binge watching on YouTube for 30 mins or saying no to certain situations. So stress no more. I have tips that can help you relieve some of that stress I know we feel everyday.


Art: I love to do art. I am not perfect at it but I do have that crafty spirit. I can get so relaxed when I pull out all my supplies and begin an art project. I do have a collage wall in my house so in case I do a painting. I always have crafts as my go to when it is the holidays. When many of us are pretty stressed out, I always try to give away handmade gifts during that time of year. Even if you have no artistic ability, I always suggest splatter painting. Not only are they super fun, but they really do help you get your frustration and relieve that stress.


Music: When I say I live for music, it is a part of my soul. I always have music playing and when I am home alone, it is blaring through the house. It calms me down immediately and puts me in a great mood. I try listen to all kinds of music. But I tend to listen to old music or island reggae music. I always play music on my Pandora app and shuffle through my stations. It is nice to lay out with headphones or dance to music.

Slow Baths: This is not for everyone which I understand. I do not always have the time to do this. And it is hard for me to sit still and not worry. I have to clear my mind and make sure everything in my house is in place. But it is so calming. I usually take a trip to Lush and stock up on their bath bombs. Enjoy a bath along with some amazing music, it really does hit the spot.


A cup of tea: Tea is my true passion. I look forward to having a cup at the end of the night. It really does calm me down. My favorite type of tea is the loose leaf kind. I enjoy brewing my own tea. It just tastes a lot better than tea bags. Loose tea can be stronger than the tea bags too. This is definitely one of my main ways to really relax and get into a great mood.


Light a candle: When it comes to candles, I have to admit: I have a true problem. It is like I can not even pass by a Bath and Body Works without going in. I would definitely say a combo of music, a bath, and at least one candle burning is true relaxation for me. I do understand not everyone likes candles. If you do not, I would say try incense. I am not a huge fan but they are effective and they have a nice aroma to them. And if you do not like any of those things, I say try aromatherapy or essential oils. They can be effective in different ways.


Yoga: I am not a yoga expert. Nor do I usually have yoga as my go to but it is truly helpful. When I try to do yoga, I find a YouTube channel and follow along. I also include rain noise so it will be more relaxing. Even if you’re not an expert, it still can be fun and put you at ease.

Turn your phone off: This one is a challenge for me. But sometimes you do not notice that social media or having your phone on adds to your stress. I know for me as a blogger, maintaining my website can be stressful. But I love it and it’s my passion. So sometimes during the day, I turn my phone off and just enjoy the moment. There have been times where I forget about my phone because I was having such a great time.


Planner: I am a true planner girl. I live through my planner. And I enjoy decorating it and give it a little sprucing up. Even if you are not a planner girl like me. It is great if you can go to the dollar store, get a journal, and write out your feelings. I do believe it makes a big difference to write things down so you’re more on track. When I write things down and I can see my progress, I feel less overwhelmed and more accomplished.


Reading: I love to read. I am one of those people you can find in the back of the Barnes and Nobles with a Starbucks cup reading a book. I love a great book where I can be a part of the story. A good book to me is one where I feel like I can be friends with the characters or when I read a story and I feel the same things the characters feel. Reading a book or magazine is a great way to get away from the outside world.

Take a walk in nature: I enjoy taking walks in my neighborhood parks. Some of the parks here in Florida are really lush and green. Most of them have lakes and walking trails. I try to take a walk to clear my mind. I always love to take in nature, it really does calm you down. I would recommend going on a trail and exploring nature.

These are my tips that can help you relax and be stress-free. It is okay to be a little stressed. It is normal. But make sure that being upset is not a regular thing. I would recommend these tips. I hope you have a great day and namaste to you all.

XOXO Kristal

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385 thoughts on “10 Tips to Reducing Stress

  1. Wonderful post with great tips. I do majority of the suggestions. I’ll try add to my stress-free routine some of your other suggestions.

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  2. Music always helps me to relieve stress. I’ve never though lighting candles would help. I have to try this the next time.


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