Dollar Tree and Dining Table



Fall has officially begun. It is time to gather around the table with family and friends and enjoy a meal or two. In Florida, we do not have much of a temperature change during the fall. Although, the nights do become more inviting. I do not usually decorate the dining room much throughout the year. But after October, I tend to make the dining room inviting for guests. Each year, I pick a theme as I gather items from the store. This year, the theme is rustic glam with touches of pink. I love decorating and putting pieces together each year. I become more excited to begin a new decor plan. My fave five tips for effectively making your tablescape that will wow you and your guest are:







  1. Stick to a theme. – Let’s start with a theme. After that, let’s go to colors. Often times when you do not have a theme, it can be obvious and make your table look like a bad first grade art project. Having a theme makes it easy to shop and gather materials. Once you have a theme and colors, begin to brainstorm ideas of your vision.
  2. Save that money. – Decoration does not have to be expensive. Buying some paint and a quick trip to the dollar store is all you need. Yes, it is nice to get beautiful decorations and I recommend getting a few items that can be used for more than one time or saved to be re-used for many other years. I love a fun DIY project. It also gives a personal touch.
  3. Texture, colors, and layer. – When creating a tablescape, start with a base, whether it is a tablecloth, table runner or nothing at all. From there, build the table with one main piece and add accessories around it. Use textures and different materials, it allows your eyes to be drawn into the table. Color choices are important. I dare you to be bold and use non-traditional colors. Maybe even a pastel, pink, blues, or silver. Do something out of the ordinary traditional fall colors. Even if you decide to go simple, add some color with the napkin or in smaller touches. Last thing: do not make it one-dimensional. Add different heights and angles. Adding layers adds elegance and an inviting aura to the table. You can do so by adding different candles, lanterns, pumpkin, and greenery.
  4. Simple dishes. – Simplicity is always the answer. When I set a table, I prefer to use white and crystal dishes. It brings a sense of class and elegance. White will not take away from the rest of your tablescape.
  5. Create an inviting atmosphere. – Pull out the real silverware, linen napkins, and show off your new fancy glassware. Preset the table with all these items so when guests arrive, it already is in place for them. Do not forget the fancy glassware for the wine or any adult beverages. When setting the table, also remember to place items or foods in arms reach. This way, you can avoid the awkward question to the person on the other end of the table, “Can you pass the salt?” Make everyone feel a part of the table.


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