Embracing a Tropical Fall

Embracing PineappleDSCF1221DSCF1225DSCF1257DSCF1228DSCF1234DSCF1238DSCF1241

Fall means cozy clothes, pumpkin spice and everything nice along with picturesque views. Living in Florida, it can be hard to get into the spirit of fall since it seems that it does not get cold here. Even though as of lately is seem to be cooler a lot earlier. I will enjoy this weather as much as I can because I am dredging the summer days already. Florida has beautiful points during the fall. In the season when we all get pumpkin and have a carving, here in Florida, we like to be different. Carving pineapple and making it a family affair! I love to eating pineapple and enjoying it on a long hot day. When it comes to carving in the fall, a pineapple is the last thing you think of but it is a great alternative in the sunshine state.



  • Pineapples ( Get more than one just in case )
  • Cutting board
  • Sharp Knife
  • Paper Towel
  • A bowl for the chunks.
  • LED Tea Light



Step 1: Cut the top of the pineapple. Leave enough space on the top so you have separation from the top to where you plan on carving the eyes. You do not want it to look into it is blending together.

Step 2 : Use a knife or a scoop to get all the pineapple chunks out. A pineapple corer is a tool you can use to get it out in one go. But if you do not have one, that is okay. Just use a knife or a scoop. Pineapple can be sticky and watery. I recommend drying out the pineapple before beginning to crave.

Step 3 : This is the fun part. Using a knife and creating a fun face or scary faces. Let loose and have a go for it. Just make sure you take your time. A pineapple is much harder to carve than a pumpkin. So lay it on its side and create your masterpiece.

Step 4 : Once you have your spooky face to your liking, you are all done. Last step is to add the battery operated tea light. It makes it look so spooky. I love to find different places to add the pineapple around the house and embrace the tropical Halloween vibes.

Have you ever thought of carving a pumpkin? I have to admit I have not but it was so much fun to take a creative twist on a Halloween tradition. Also the pineapple chunks did not go to waste. I did have some pina colada and pineapple chicken stir fry for dinner. Nothing goes to waste in our house.A

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