Fall Morning Routine


I feel so blessed to wake up in the morning. It makes me happy to open my eyes and start my day. Having a routine in the morning makes me feel more productive and motivated to start my day. In the morning, I try not to be on social media but it is very hard to stay away. I decided to break it down so hopefully you can learn for your own morning routine.

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8:00 | Rise and shine

Oh how I dread when the alarm goes off after being in a long deep sleep. I usually snooze the phone about three times. Even though this step might be an obvious one, I know sometimes it can be the hardest thing to get out of the cozy bed.

8:15 | Breakfast

I love to eat breakfast. I can have it for lunch or dinner. It is one of my favorite types of meals. When it comes to breakfast, I love to mix it up and try different foods for breakfast. One of my favorite things is to have oatmeal, smoothies, eggs and fruit or cereal. And sometimes the occasional leftover pizza.

8:30 | Workout

Working out was always a struggle for me. But I have found that it is easier to workout in the morning time. It gives me more energy to make it through the day. I try to find ways to be active in the morning. It is important to try different types of workouts. I tried doing yoga, zumba, dance, and intense cardio. Even if you do not want to work out in the house, nothing is more peaceful than taking a walk and listening to a podcast along the way.

9:00 | Shower and wash my face.

After a stress relieving workout, I need a shower. I love taking long showers and just letting the water run on me. It is the most satisfying feeling. I love to use the Dr Bonner peppermint soap. It gives me a fresh and clean feeling. After I am done taking a shower, I go ahead and wash my face and begin my morning makeup routine.

9:30 | Time to get dressed and put on my face

This is my favorite part of my morning routine. I love dancing around in my underwear and having a Clueless movie moment while trying to find something chic and fabulous to wear. Before I put my outfit on, I first do my makeup and try something simple but I usually end up going glam.

10:00 | Make my lunch

I have loved making my lunch for the day ever since I started my new lifestyle journey. When it comes to making lunch, it includes an infused water and usually something we had for dinner the night before and some fruits and snacks.

10:15 |  Emails and blogging around

After everything is done for the morning, I love to lounge around on the couch or the bed and read through my email. I try to stay active on my email when I start getting behind. I always miss the deals or an important email if I don’t catch up. After checking my emails, I go on my blog and update it and make changes to it. Finally, I promote and run my social media.

10:45 | Make the bed

I have gotten into the habit of trying to make the bed in the morning after I enjoy sitting in the bed and having tea and reading my emails. I love to decorate the bed and show off the hundreds of pillows on the bed.

11:00 | Oh all the plan

Before I leave the house each morning, I look into the planner and see what I have planned for the day. I also add more things to do as I look into my planner and see what I had pre-planned for the day. After making a list and checking it twice, I head out for work.

My morning is something I try to stick to everyday. Does it always happen every morning as I planned it to be? No. But having the list gives me a perspective on what I should be doing. Over time, I was able to mold and change my routine. Find a routine that works for you so you can have a more productive day.

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