Coffee and Books in Bed




Waking up in the morning and having extra time is always a pleasure. Nothing is better than a lazy Saturday morning and cuddling in bed, not having to worry about the snooze button. Or sprinting around, trying to get your morning routine finished before having to leave the house. I really enjoy the mornings when I can relax and enjoy breakfast in bed. It is such a simple thing but it is a pleasure. Having a lazy day is rare and a great surprise when you have the time to relax. Here are some ways to enjoy some extra time to relax and enjoy just a little extra bed time.


Do not feel guilty, that is the number one mistake. It is important to give yourself time to relax and do nothing. It is the best feeling to just lay in bed and relax and enjoy the comfy bed. Take advantage of the time you do have off. Find fun relaxing things such as reading, journaling, scrolling through instagram, sleeping in. Nothing to worry about, just forget about the responsibilities and enjoy your time.


Make a simple breakfast on lazy days. I love having coffee or tea and sometimes a pastry and some fruit. Things that take no time or any real effort to make are great lazy day breakfast. Getting something to eat is the first thing. I also love doing a pretty set up for breakfast in bed. If you want to make it even better do take out. It is the best option you only need to get out of bed once to get the door.

Get a face mask or do a facial it is the best thing on a lazy day. I love to collect face mask and use them on lazy or rainy days. Especially in the fall, a face mask is a must. It really helps hydrate and nourish my face. A face mask is easy and gets the job done.

Get comfy which means no makeup, contacts, tight clothes, and no need for doing hair. On lazy days, I wash my face and brush my teeth along with a face mask. No need for makeup or glam on lazy. It is time for comfy pajamas and fuzzy socks. So what I am really saying is a pajama and fuzzy-material kind of day.

Set the atmosphere in the room, get the temperature just right. Pull out your favorite candle or two. Candles have many positive benefits. A room is not complete until it is filled with a beautiful aroma. Get your supply before you get into bed. I love to relax with my iPad and watch Netflix or read a book. I enjoy listening to a music playlist and connecting my phone to a wireless speaker and letting the jams play. Create a perfect environment to your liking.

Let go of social media for that time. No phone, no computer, no electronics. It can be hard to get away but it is important to take time and enjoy your own company and free time. Start a new hobby, something you have always been interested in. Gather a few art supplies and create a new DIY project or art piece. Even try doing a little a baking, cookies always warm the heart.

A lazy morning does not have to be an unproductive day. We all have busy lives and a lot to do in one day. And, of course, not every day is a lazy day. Once a week is enough to renew your mind and body. Just remember our mind and body is a machine and every once in a while, it does need to be recharge. So make the time to recharge yourself.

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