Decorating our Christmas Tree.


Decorating the Christmas tree is one of my favorite things to do each season. I love to take my time and get the perfect design for decorating the tree. I love to use these 6 simple steps to create a beautiful tree. Since we do live in a smaller apartment, I do not have a grand tree. From year to year, I love to think of fun and stylish ways to decorate the tree and add special ornaments. No matter the theme of your tree or the size, you can follow these steps to decorate a beautiful tree.


  1. Theme


The first thing that I do each year is pick a theme. This is the most important thing for a beautiful tree. Having a theme can help you pick colors and other ornaments when you go shopping. No matter if you choose to use the rainbow, monochromatic, or just two colors. It will make your shopping much more easier.


  1.  Location, location

Pick the perfect spot for the tree. Put the tree somewhere that has a plug so that you can plug in the lights. I forgot to do this one time lol. Location is an important factor based on your house and how you will like to see your tree. I love being able to drive up and see the tree being framed by the front window. You can put the tree anywhere in your home get creative. Place it somewhere that is convenient and out of the way.


  1. Add light

I  love the twinkle lights on the tree. I think they are so beautiful, especially at night. There are so many lights to choose from and you can not go wrong. I always add lights on first and I prefer to start at the bottom and wrap it around the tree and use an extension cord to light it up. Do not feel obligated to add lights to your tree. Make it your own. Try a different method of making your tree shine.


  1. Fillers and ornaments

This is my favorite part of decorating the tree. Adding new and nostalgic pieces. I hold on to old ornaments so I can reopen them each year and be flushed with all the memories and emotion from last year. First, I add in the filler so that the tree does not look as empty. Then, I fluff and fan out the branches. Once I get it to my liking, I add in ornaments one color at a time. Using one color at a time helps to avoid cluttering one area with too much of one color. I want it to look even and spread out. This year, I went with these cute ornaments and stuck with my theme. Lastly, use a topper if you will have one. This year I choose no topper for my tree, but I might change my mind.


  1. Garland

A garland, beads, or ribbon can add texture and depth to your tree. If you do not have bulky ornaments, I would recommend to use a thicker garland for a 3D effect. You do not just have to wrap it around the tree you can loop or just let it hang. This is where you can get more innovative and creative with your tree.


  1. Tree skirt, maybe

The skirt of the tree can be a big deal. It can change the look of the whole thing. I personally can go either way with the skirt. I still do not know if I even want to add a skirt or do something different under the tree. This year we moved into a new place and we got new beautiful hardwood floors and I want to show them off. It also got me thinking of doing something different and maybe adding pillows or small rugs of different texture. I think that will give it a fun and festive look rather than a traditional skirt.


These are my favorite ways to decorate a Christmas tree. Just remember: have fun, blast some Christmas music, and decorate the tree with your own style.

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