Christmas with Mickey




Even though I live in Orlando, I am not an avid Disney goer. I decided to spend some time with Mickey during the holidays this year. This time I did not go to the theme parks but to Disney Spring which is equally as fun. I love visiting all the different restaurants and seeing all of the activity. Did I mention the food? It is divine and always looks too good to eat. Going to Disney Springs, you will never be bored. There is so much entertainment, Christmas photo ops, and more.

We arrived about 30 minutes before any of the stores even opened and it was the best time at Disney Springs. It is magical. The roads are clear, the air is crispy, the decorations are lavish and will put you in the Christmas mood. Even though we went in the morning. Going at night is also a good time because the Christmas lights are lit up and the live music surrounds you as you make it around the area. This was my first time going to Disney Spring during the holidays. It was fun and we created new memories.

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