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Finding Inspiration Anywhere I Go



Before I changed my mindset, I could not find inspiration anywhere I went. The world seems like it is in black and white. When I faced my fears and lived my life differently, the world seemed to brighten up and the colors seemed even more vivid. I started to explore my town and I discovered so many gems just within my neighborhood. For a while, I lost all drive and heart to be creative. This hurt me because I love to be creative. I was the kid in math class that would be drawing on my math papers when I was supposed to be learning my numbers. Art and creativity has always been my passion and my outlet. After I realized I no longer had a passion for it like I did, I wanted to change that immediately.

I began to change my mindset and look for inspiration anywhere. I wake up and start finding inspiration within my closet. Fun and new outfits jump out of my closet and I play with colors and patterns. I have more clothes than I thought. Then I began working out and trying new foods. After I began to expand my daily routine, I went outside and began to take pictures and found new things to help me be inspired. Being around positive people, discontinuing use of social media, and opening my mind has led me to be so much happier. I have my passion back.

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