Finding Joy In Your City




After losing my mom, I have a bigger appreciation for life and my surroundings. I have always had an appreciation for other cultures and traveling the world and finding new areas to explore. After visiting Paris, I learned how to find joy within my city. Paris is my favorite city in the world. After visiting 3 times, I have a deep appreciation of the people and the culture. This helped me think of my own city and finding that same love and joy within it. With all the negativity and drama going on in the world, I would rather surround myself with positivity and amazing new memories. Each day, usually during my morning shower, I think of what needs to be done for the day. Finding joy does not mean something more extravagant. It’s more of the simple things. Life is about the simple things and finding your joy. Life is a wondrous thing. It’s a shame to waste it on negativity and not being happy.



  • Bucket list it. Create a list of events that only happen in your city. I love to find one-time events even if they are not in my city and take a chance and go out to the events. If going to events is not your thing. that is okay. Find something to do in your city and create a bucket list of ideas and each weekend, check something off and add something new as well.


  • Make new friends. Get to know your neighborhood barista and bartender, whatever you are into. I always recommend starting with people you frequently encounter. It makes it easier because they already know your name. Making new friends can be a big part of getting joy. Being able to talk to someone, having the ability to have companionship in your everyday adventure is important. Another way to meet new people is to take a new route for transportation. Take an uber or a train every once in a while.


  • Let’s do a stay-cation. Even though I live in Florida, I do not visit Disney or many of the attractions we have to offer. But when I do it makes a differences. There is always something new to explore within your city. Take the time to be a tourist in your city. Take it even further and rent a hotel room and explore the city like the tourists do. You can be surprised at all the things you can explore


  • Take in the scenery. Find new parks and trails around you or the city. When you go, take plenty of pictures. It can be a new hobby. I love going out with my camera and exploring the city. It is such a simple thing that I did not realize it would make me so happy to wander around aimlessly and take photos of every and any thing I find. My favorite thing I found within my city that I love is a scenic boat tour. Omg, it is so much fun and I get so many great shots and get to relax and enjoy the view. Once I make it home, I have plenty of photo souvenirs.


  • Embracing being happy Being in a city gives you opportunities to reset and be happy. Even though there is a lot of hustle and bustle in most cities, if you stop and look around, and smell the roses, well, in the city, you may not be having any roses but still you get the point. It can give you a chance to see something new. You can feel happier and and more productive if you shift your focus in the way you think. Do not wait for a day off to relax to put yourself into vacation mood. Leave work a little earlier to take a stroll instead of a run into work. Take a different route to work, you might discover a new cafe that you can name the new place to be.


  • If not now, then when? You are the pilot of your own life. Do not let it drag you around. Take life by the horns and let it know who is boss. You can choose to be happy, whatever that might be. I know it can be easier said than done. You can change your state of mind and make a choice to be happy. Do not wait until something tragic happens in your life before you start living. Happiness is an emotion that can not be explained but you know it when you feel it. Once you do feel happy, relish it, and do not worry about everything. Live, love, and embrace life. God never gives you anything you can not bare.


I love the city I live in. Yes, it has its quirky parts and, sometimes, I can not wait to leave. But no matter what. I find something to love about where I live. I am going to be honest. Even though I love my city, not everyone does. If you can stay, you have given it your all in every area of your city and you are still not happening. Find your joy in whatever city you can be happy in. Make plans and find your joy. Life is too short to  live somewhere that makes you unhappy. You can find happiness and joy in the right place. I know, I have finally found mine.

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