I said ‘Oui’

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Surprise we are engaged! Not really a surprise, we have been engaged for about a year. I still have butterflies in my stomach and a big smile on my face whenever I look at my ring. Even though it has been one year, I am still shocked in a good way. First, I want to start this engagement story off with a quick-not-so-quick story about how we met.

How we met:

I can simply put it this way. We met online and I won’t wiggle around what the name of the app that I used and was able to find love, it was Tinder. I am so glad he swiped right. That’s it. Oh wait, you want more. OK, I will give you a little more background. I had no idea what the Tinder app was or what it was even used for. I was not interested in the dance of dating someone online. But a close friend made me a profile and got me all set up on the app. My account was open for three days and I did not even remember it was installed on my phone. Until one day, I was at my job in the break room and everyone was talking and looking for people to hook up with. I was shocked at the purpose of the app. It was not until someone I never talked to at work pulled me aside and said “Stay on the app, I found my current boyfriend. There are some winners on there.” Later on that night, something told me to get on the app and check. As I am on the app, my phone began to glitch! And funnily enough, I thought I swiped left on his profile but I ended up swiping right. And we talked the next day for hours upon hours. And this continued for weeks until I got impatient and asked him on a date. Then months went by and I said “When are you going to ask me to be your girlfriend already?” He responded “I wanted to wait for the perfect time and to make fireworks in the sky. But here are some sparklers instead. Would you be my girlfriend?” All of that was three years ago and today, he still makes me smile and feel like a queen everyday. I love him so much.


Now,time for the magical moment of how he asked. First, I want to preface this story by saying about a year into us dating he asked me what would be your dream proposal. I told him in Paris under the Eiffel Tower. Of course he asked and I truly did not think anything of it. About a year later, we started planning a trip to Paris which is my favorite city. And I told him we should totally do a photoshoot, it would be romantic and the most epic souvenir. Plus, my favorite photographer lived in Paris at the time. I did not know if we would ever get a chance to go to Paris again. On our way out of the USA to Paris, we missed our flight and had to spend the night in Atlanta. But we powered through and did not let the terrible experience set us back.

It’s the day of and I decided to get my hair and makeup done professionally because he thought it was a better idea to get professional services. I found someone in Paris and it was a fun experiences to relax in the hotel room while I got my hair done. I can honestly say it was not a thought that crossed my mind that we were going to get engaged. He was so cool and calm and acted just as he normally does in the morning. So I was not suspicious that anything was happening, just that we were getting ready for an amazing photoshoot. We met with our photographer at the cutest French cafe across from Trocadero. Fran was amazing and was so kind and communicated with such heart. He was so prepared and kept us on track. He started off with simple photos so that we would get comfortable. As we prepared for Fran’s iconic flying bird photos, he sent my hubby over to a cart to get a piece of bread and he came back with a heated up waffle. The birds were eating well that day. Fran asked me to do photos alone and face the Eiffel Tower to get some power shots. I can see him walking toward me out the corner of my eye with the biggest smile on his face. I was so confused but I did not pay him any mind. I continue to primp my hair as I can still here Fran camera clicking. Then I heard a confident whispering of words say, “Hi honey, I love you.” My heart jumped out of my chest and everything seemed to happen in slow motion and I would said “ Yes!” I was so excited and overwhelmed in the best way. Are you crying or is it just me?



Makeup: Kenya Tollerep


Thanks loves,



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