Spring Time Skin Time


 Winter is over and spring has begun. It is time to change my nightly routine. This year has gone by so fast. I can’t believe it is already spring! Each year, I change up my routine and try new products. As I get older and the seasons change, my skin needs change. I try to keep up with what my skin needs. I do not want to neglect my skin. I am happy to share my night time routine with you. My routine allows the products to sink in and work their magic. I love to mix and match products to create cocktails for my face. I have to admit: I love collecting products. I try not to go overboard with skin care products and slowly introduce new things to my regime. We have all been there, trying a new product we thought was going to work for us. We wake up and have major breakout all over our face.



My Skin Type

My skin is dry and and often needs a lot of attention. Especially during this time of year. Before  I even go to bed, I need to dunk my face into oil. I do have the occasional time of the month breakout that does leave a mark. But other than that, I do not have any other scaring.  I also have an uneven skin tone and prominent smile line which I can deal with. It just shows what kind of person I am. After getting more strict with my skin, I have seen more improvement but it is still very dry.


Step 1 :  Remove all makeup. I use Aveeno makeup up wipes to take off the surface make up. After that, I go in with a deep facial cleanser. I like to wash my face with warm water because it does not seem to dry my skin out as much. I love using the cleanser because it makes my skin clean and moisturized.  This cleanser is gentle and gets every speck of makeup comes right off. Twice a week, I do use a facial brush and it makes such a big difference in my routine.


Step 2 : After I finish cleaning my skin, I love to use a toner. I never got the point to a cleanser but after I began to use one, I did notice a difference in my skin. And my skin tone seems to even out. I love to use witch hazel for my skin. I love the way my face feels afterwards. It feels smooth and gentle and the witch hazel does not irritate my skin.


Step 3 : Serum. I always think of it as a sealer for the toner and for all the things I apply afterwards. I haven’t found a serum that I am completely in love with yet but I love trying new products, just as long as they are hydrating. What I have been using lately is Ole Henriksen Truth serum. After I apply this product, it feels like someone splashed water on my face.


Step 4: Time to moisturise. This is my favorite part of my routine. I love to lather myself with moisture. My all time favorite is Juice Beauty Anti-Wrinkle moisture. Whenever I put this on, I can see an immediate difference. My skin begins to glow and face lights up. I do not forget about my under eye moisture. I use Kiehl’s Under Eye Recovery. When applying under the eyes, I try to be gentle when adding products.


Step 5: Often times, we neglect our lips. I exfoliate my lips twice a week. Trust me, it makes a difference in your lips’ texture and how healthy they look. This is my last step for the night. I use various products on my lips because I have something different in every day. My favorite is the Vaseline Lip Therapy. It leaves my lips soft and juicy for all of this while I sleep.


Once or twice a week, I go all out and pick a mask and create a spa at home. I deserve a nice spa night. Spa night is usually on Sunday and I love to go the all out. I even bring out the steamer, which is great for hydration and clearing pores.


The most important part of a good skincare routine is drinking a lot of water and getting lots of sleep and eating properly. Healthy skin starts within. It is important to add nutrients to your skin. It is so important for healthy skin that you can maintain it. Find a routine that works for you and your lifestyle. You do not have to add a lot steps to your routine to have beautiful and healthy skin. Just as long as you wash, moisture, and exfoliate. These are just some of the products that I use. Which ones are you loving? I am always looking for a new product to use.

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