How to have a romantic movie night



After a long work week and plenty of homework, it is nice to unwind and enjoy a movie. Yes, it is nice to go out and watch a movie in the theater. But there is nothing better than staying home, wearing you most comfy pj’s, and enjoying a fun romantic date night at home. On the days we can not decide what to do together, the best thing we can do is prepare together for a fun date night. We love cooking food together and enjoying a bottle of wine and making homemade movie theater treats. It’s like going to the movies and having all of your at home comfort of home. As it starts to get hot and muggy outside, we often prefer to spend more time inside snuggling on the couch. But it is better to start making it more interesting with a romantic date night. So when it is too hot but you want to have a romantic night, it can be easy to achieve. Summer is the time of the year to cuddle and spend less time trying to make it to your next destination.


Tip 1: Write you significant other a personal note inviting them to stay home. Make the note personal so it can add a sweet touch. If you go to pinterest, there are so many  printable cards. Make sure you post the note or sign somewhere they can see it.

Tip 2: Dress up or down. Just pick a nice outfit. Just because you are staying home does not mean you do not have to dress up. You do not have to go all out and put on full glam and wear a designer dress but it is enough to dress up a little bit. My point is to change it up a bit for date night. Sweats and pajamas are great for every night, just dress it up a bit. Wear something simple and cozy and comfortable. Such as a bold lip, a cozy sweater, and cute comfy jeans or a skirt.

Tip 3: Cook together. It is so much fun to be in the kitchen together. No need for a take out menu. Get into the kitchen together and make a simple meal. If you plan the date night early, you can prepare a crock-pot meal and just make some snacks together. A movie night is not the same without the snacks. Our particular favorite snack is popcorn! I love to make fun popcorn recipes. Other snacks you can have are pretzels, candies, trail mix, and crudites. When making popcorn, try adding fancy ingredients. Homemade popcorn is the best.

Tip 4: Having a drink is a fun part of date night. I love to try a new bottle of wine or a cocktail recipe. But I do prefer to have a bottle of wine. It helps me unwind and enjoy the night. You do not have to spend a lot of  money on the wine. We love going to Aldi and getting a bottle that is under $5 and tastes delicious. Good thing is that we have the same taste in wine so it is easy to choose one that works for both of us.

Tip 5: Picking a movie is the hardest part of the night. I can never decide on what to watch. It seems like it should be easy to pick a new movie. But, as of lately, I have not been interested in watching any of the movies I have heard about. I am a creature of habit so I can literally see the same movie one hundred times and laugh and cry at the same parts. It is better to pick a movie that you both have not seen. So you can really enjoy it together and talk about it afterward. We talk for at least 20 minutes after a movie about our points of view. I love to find different artsy, romantic, comedy, and old black and white films to watch.

Tip 6: Create a fun and cozy environment. Add candles and flowers. I love to add just a few candles around just to set the mood along with fresh flowers from the market. I love to get a fluffy blanket and lots of soft pillows to layer around the couch. I gather items I need to get comfortable and sit and enjoy the movie.

How do you handle your romantic date night ?


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