Drive-in Theater Experience

  I love going to the movies, it is my favorite past time. When I found out that there was a drive-in movie theater not too far from my house, I packed up my bag and hopped over to the area. It has always been a dream of mine to go to a drive-in theater. I just love the idea and the simple and vintage aspects. I want to share a few of my thoughts. First off, get there early so that you can park in the front so you can see the screen. Because if you have a small car like ours and someone else with a monster truck comes, you are not going to be clear to see the movie and it will be annoying. In terms of getting there early, purchase your tickets online so you can have a smooth entry. 

   It’s very hot here in Florida so, of course, we had to think of how to keep ourselves cool without running the car the entire movie. We did not want our car to die midway home or something. So we packed a cooler of cold snacks and refreshing drinks to keep us cool. We also packed some blankets and chairs so we can experience the entire show. One thing we did forget to pack but I was smart enough to stash some in the car was bug repellent. Trust me, in Florida, it is a must. I can not express it enough, you need to apply bug repellent. You will be eaten alive if you do not take precautions. I had such a good time. I want to make it a regular date night. It was so much fun and I recommend it to everyone.


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