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Must Have Bridal Accessories


I am all about using small details to enhance your look. After picking out your dream dress, it’s time to think about how you want to style it and make it your own. Whether that is with alterations or with the accessories that you wear, this is your chance to customize your wedding dress. When putting the final touches together, you should consider everything from the hair to the makeup. Even down to the mani and pedi so you look cohesive. While the dress is important, I will be the first to tell you that the accessories are the most important because they can make or break the entire look. Here are some accessories that you should consider when you are styling a wedding look. 


  • Veil – Nothing to me says bridal more than a beautiful veil. There are so many types of veils out there, I am sure that you can find something you like. And honestly, if you do not like a veil, do not worry about it. You only wear it for about one hour and then you take it off. A veil is worth having as a prop and a playful piece in pictures. Whether you are creative and make your own or purchase a perfect piece, it will be something you love. 
  • Earrings – I love bridal jewelry. It is so beautiful and delicate and sparkly. Did I mention sparkly? Finding bridal jewelry was my favorite thing to do. I really did enjoy looking through pieces and finding the perfect combo to match my dress. 
  • Shoes Bridal shoes are something very unique to the bride. I prefer shoes that are special yet I can wear again on other special occasions. Also, shoes that are comfortable since I would have to wear it all night. I decided that I wanted a block heel shoe that had a little bling and, most importantly, was comfortable. You can find shoes anywhere. They do not necessarily need to be bridal shoes. Just something that makes you happy and comfortable.
  • Bridal RobeIf you are like me and love a robe, invest in a nice one. You will thank yourself later when you see your photos. There is nothing better than having a comfy robe to lounge around in while you get your hair and makeup done. 
  • Perfume – I have always said that a scent brings back memories. I think you should adorn yourself with your favorite fragrance or get a new one just for the occasion. I choose Chanel No 5 as mine since it’s one of my favorite scents. Having your favorite perfume is one of the best accessories to have


If you need help with any of your bridal needs or love any of these accessories, please contact the Bridal Finery  






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