Around town: Maitland Art Center

 Going to the Maitland Art Center is a great example of exploring new things to do within your area. The best part is that the tickets are only $6.00 per person. I think this is a great deal for any museum and this one was totally worth it. Driving up to the museum, I admit it was a little bit confusing because there is more than one building and they are on both sides of the street. Once we found the main center, it was a nice exploration. They have three main centers that you can explore on your own. I would recommend going into the telephone museum, it was worth the experience. I learned so much about the different telephones and all the different stages the telephone system has gone through. I mean, to see how people were connected before being able to fit their phone in their pocket is incredible. 

  After going to the telephone museum, we explored the other museum which had some interesting art. After seeing and analyzing the art, we decided to explore the outdoor grounds which were gorgeous. Everything was magical and enchanted. It was lush and romantic with all of the flowers, sculptures, and beautiful market lights. Going to this museum was so worth it. It had a very chill and relaxed vibe. It is something that won’t take up your whole day but give you something memorable for the future. 





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