Saying Yes to the Dress

Wedding planning should be a fun and exciting time. But planning can also be overwhelming and unpredictable. After I got engaged, I went into a rabbit hole of Pinterest and looking at everything and anything. It was fun to see so many wedding dresses and styles. I love reading and seeing the story behind the dresses and how someone picked out their wedding dress. When I first got engaged, I thought I wanted a ball gown with all the bells and whistles. I had everything all laid out on exactly what I wanted. I did find my own dress and it is nothing like what I expected to like, much less wear. I love the experience of trying on dresses. I mean who doesn’t like to feel like a princess ? 

 Research is key – When going to an appointment, is is important to know the lingo and understand the silhouette. It’s important to have an idea so you can pass your ideas on and be stylish. Being prepared helps your appointment go so much smoother and efficient. Bring your Pinterest board into the appointment or even send it to the stylist you they can pull up dresses based on your style. When you are looking at dressing, write down key points and the designers that you like so you are prepared for anything. 

Is it Budget Friendly ? – This is where we have to get real. Often times, we look at some dress and fall in love but then realize that it costs way more than your budget. Have a budget in mind and do not look at items that you can afford. Trust me, trying on something you truly love but can’t afford will make you regretful and disappointed. Once you have a budget, make it clear to everyone that you bring to your appointment. If you have a small budget, do not be discouraged. Contact your stylist before hand, go to a sample sale and maybe rent a dress. Don’t be afraid to ask for different payment plans or a discount.  When looking at your budget, make sure to include alterations, accessories, and anything you might want to customize.

Less is more – This tip depends on the person. I say do not bring more than two people to the appointment. Only bring the people that are close to you or you respect their opinion. Having so many opinions can drown out your opinion. It can make it hard to make a choice on what you want exactly. The only thing that matters is your voice. Take control and be in control of your appointment.

 Pose for the camera now click click – I think it is so important to take as many pictures you can from all different angles. Taking pictures can help you remember the details on the dress. And something we don’t think about is that not all dresses look great on camera and that is a huge factor. You want to have an idea of what it will look like in pictures. They can also be discouraging and it is important to understand taking photos at the right angle and the dress has not been altered yet so it may look different in the photos. Take care when you can and snap many photos but do not make in a huge deal. If you love it you will know.

Going into the appointment prepare – Going into your first wedding dress shop can be intimidating so be prepared. Have everything lined up in terms of your date and style preferences. Before going to the appointment, do your hair and makeup. I am not saying go full face and a complicated hairstyle. But you should go into the appointment with some makeup and at least an idea for how you want to wear your hair. When I went to my appointment, I pulled my hair back and added some curls. Nothing serious. 

Bring proper undergarments –This is a must. Not all salons will have spanx or the proper undergarments. Let me tell you, undergarments can take a dress from a 1 to 10 real quick. When choosing colors, make sure to choose neutral colors like white, black and neutral browns. It makes a world of difference when trying on dresses. Before you go to the appointment, eat something. It can be a long day and you do not want to feel faint when you are trying to get into a wedding dress.

I will try this one and this one and that one – Try everything on. The dress that I picked was a dress I did not want to even try on. I told my stylist no way, I could never wear that. I mean it was nothing that I had in mind. It is important to keep an open mind and try everything on. Know your body and have your stylist be aware of the things you don’t like about your body so they are aware of what silhouette to stay away from. You never know what looks great. Allow your stylist to pull styles you would never try yourself. You never know what you can get up with. 

Relax – Last but not least RELAX and have fun. It’s your day. Bring a few of your best girls and have a fun time. You only have one first time bridal appointment. So remember that and enjoy your day. Do not feel pressured to commit to a dress. It is normal to think it’s a big deal and can be a large financial commitment. Following the tips above and you will fall in love with the dress of your dreams. Go out for a celebration and have lunch and pop some champagne and have a good time. If you get anything out of these tips, it is that champagne is a must! 


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