How to Stay Hydrated

DSCF0922DSCF0927DSCF0933DSCF0948DSCF0955DSCF0961DSCF0967DSCF0974DSCF0976The summer here in Florida is brutal and it can be harsh on your body and skin. I strive to drink a gallon of water a day. Sometimes it is not always easy to get the intake of water but it is necessary. I will admit, drinking water was a task for me at first. I hated drinking a lot of water. After making more of an effort to drink more water, I saw all the benefits and this encouraged me to find new ways to drink even more water. Here are four tips to stay hydrated and drink more water. 

Infused water: I love coming up with new combinations for infused water. One trick that I learned is to prep the fruit and then freeze them in plastic bags. It gives the water a cooler and more refreshing feeling. Infusing water is a great trick to increase your water intake with minimal effort. Plus, it looks cute in your water cup. 

Correct water container: I have been through so many different types of water jugs. And I noticed that each container had different things I liked. But not every feature encouraged me to drink more water. I prefer to use a container that has a straw for some reason. I can drink a lot more water with a straw than without. So find a water bottle that is eye catching and will encourage you. 

Encouraging words: I love to write encouraging words on my jug so that I can remind myself that I can do it. Also, seeing the markers on the bottle makes a difference. It motivates me to drink more. For example, if it is 3:30 PM and I have only drank to the 1:00 PM mark, I feel like I need to amp it up and make my goals. Plus, it can help you time and keep track of the water. 

Eat more fruits and veggies: When I pack  my lunch, I always add in some fruits and vegetables that are known to have a lot of water.  I grew to like different types of vegetables that I would not normally reach for like celery.  When trying this tip, go for at least one fruit or vegetable then you can expand to more things. 

I hope these tips can help you. Water is essential to our everyday lives. When drinking more water, I notice my skin is more clear and I have less bloating and I have more energy. I want to know if these tips help you and what are the changes you notice when drinking more water. 

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