Casual Summer Dress


Summer is a fun time where you can really play around with fun colors. During summer, I tend to wear nothing but light and airy dresses. I am seriously in love with this dress. It is simple yet casual. It can be worn in so many ways, no matter the season. I found this dress on Amazon and, at first, I thought I would wear it once and not gravitate towards it much this summer. But I have to admit I have had it for a month and have worn it 3 times in different ways.

Even though this dress is not full of color like I prefer, I like to pair this dress with fun colorful accessories. This also helps transition it into fall and winter wear. I love how simple it is to wear this dress. No thought has to go into the dress, you put it on and that is the outfit. Maybe add fun and color with hair and accessories. I will have to admit, the dress is thin but you can not see through the dress. I prefer to wear black undergarments because it makes me feel more secure. Now that the temperature is climbing here in Florida, it is important to wear something that is light and airy. So trust me, you can never have enough cute summer dresses. Even if it’s simple, the darling details makes them unique. 



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