DIY Hostess Gift Ideas

We are approaching the time of year when there are plenty of gatherings and parties to attend. I love showing up to a party with something for the host. When I was growing up, it was always customary to give the host a gift. I love going through the process of picking out gifts that my friends and family will love. I want to share some simple DIY hostess gifts. I have always said gifts do not have to cost a lot of money. It’s always the thought that counts, just as long as it’s appropriate to the host. It is so easy to run into the store and get a generic gift. But where is the fun in that when you can make something fresh at home? No matter the hostess style, you are sure to stand out and impress with your simple DIY gift. 

Handmade coasters: Coasters are always a necessity in any household. You can use 10 cent tiles from home depot and add a photo. Another great trick is to add gold nail polish to the edge for a gilded effect. 

Candle: I know this can sound overwhelming but trust me: making a candle is easy and can also be personalized. I have made candles before and it was so fun. I still make our own candles every once in a while.

Jarred food: You can go in so many directions with this. You can pre-measure dry ingredients for cookies, brownies, or hot cocoa and add them to a cute mason jar with a tag with instructions. If you have a real touch in the kitchen, you can make fresh jars of honey or other spreads. Infused olive oil is an easy gift if you are not the savviest in the kitchen. It looks beautiful and is a sure win. 

Spa in a jar: If your host is anything like me, they love self-care. A spa in a jar is one of the best and easiest gifts you can give. You can use ingredients that you have in your home.You can also make scrubs, essential oils, and body butters. I know I would love anything in this category. 

Monogram anything: You might think you can’t do monograms at home but it is easy. All you need is modge podge and a heavy object to press the item down. For someone that is more advanced, you can purchase letter patches and sew them on a towel or other item. 

These are just five ideas of how you can impress the host at any party you attend this year. If you need anymore ideas or more instructions on how to achieve anything that I mentioned, Pinterest is your best friend. I love showing up with gifts to someone’s house. When bringing over a gift, just make sure it is appropriate to the occasion and for the host. 





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