My Netflix Picks

  Summer is among us and it is the time to get out and enjoy the day. Spending long hours on the beach, enjoying a snow cone or ice pop. But here in Florida, that might be a hard task. Just walking outside can make you want to turn around and change your plans. Summer here in Florida can be brutal but thank goodness for Netflix. Now, Netflix can be dangerous. You may start off with one episode, next thing you know, you are on season two and have no idea where the time went. Trust me, I am telling you because some close to me have experienced this. (lol)

  Netflix has been one of my favorite streaming services. We do not have any cable TV but with this service, we do not need it. After watching streaming services and then watching regular cable, there is such a big difference. One of the things I love is that with my busy life, I can still keep up with new shows without commercials. I do have to limit my binge watching consumption. If not, I will not be productive. 

  I want to share the shows I have been recently loving with you. I will admit, I am a rom-com sweet kind of girl. I do not like scary movies or too many thrillers. Not everything on the list included tulle and sparkles. If you love horror and scary movies then this may not be the list for you. Just be prepared to hear my top 5 favorite Netflix shows. Just be careful, they are binge-worthy. 


The Office: This is an honorable mention. If you have not seen this show, you are missing out on something special. I am seriously obsessed with this show. If I can not think of anything to watch, I just start this show and it instantly makes my day. This show does not go in any particular order, which is perfect to put on the TV while doing other chores. Watching The Office on Netflix needs to be done soon because in 2020, it will no longer be available to stream. 

If you like The Office you may like: Parks and Rec, Arrested Development, and Portlandia.

Luke Cage: This is for all the Marvel fans. At first, I thought this show was going to be boring and I would not understand anything that was going on. Which is what usually happens when I watch anything Marvel. This show is addicting with twists and turns and plenty of eye candy. This show is one you have to pay attention to and be engaged.

If you like Luke Cage you may like: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Stranger Things, and Black Mirror. 

Peaky Blinders: If you like street gangster from Birmingham, England, this show is for you. It is a must see. It is a nail biting, action-packed show. It is also  dangerous, you can watch one episode and finish a season and you look up its 2 AM. This show takes place after World War I and is based on a family and holding onto their name. With this show, it does have a slow start so be patient and hold on tight. It is top notch with every aspect of the show. 

If you like Peaky Blinders you may like: Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The Crown. 

Master of None: This show is so brilliantly done. The acting and the writing in the show is magnificent. One of the main things I loved about the show is that it tells a story I feel that we can all relate to. This show will make you cry, laugh, and reflect on your own situation. This show is a real world and realistic kind of show with a phenomenal comedic flare. 

If you like Master of None, you may like: Dear White People, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Orange is the New Black. 

Star Trek: Deep Space 9: I never thought I would add Star Trek to any of my lists. I was never a fan of Star Trek until I watched Deep Space 9. It had me hooked from episode 1. My hubby started watching this show because we finished watching Master of None and needed something new to watch during the down times. For the first episode, I was not even paying attention. I was playing on my tablet  and next thing I know, I am all in and watching everyone movement. This show now has a special place in our hearts for personal reasons. 

 If you like Star Trek: Deep Space 9, you may like: Grey’s Anatomy, Star Trek: The Next Generation,  and The 100. 



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