Vaction Vibes: Travel Wardrobe Essentials

While I fully accept that I can not bring my entire wardrobe with me on a trip, I have learned to pare down to the essentials. I will admit, I am a big planner. I love making lists and thinking of every situation that might come up. It’s important to have that basic and not so basic travel wardrobe that helps you look effortless chic. The hard part in packing is figuring out what you really need versus what you want. I personally hate dragging luggage through the airport. So I have learned the art of packing for any journey. The first and most important tip is to check the weather, never assume. You don’t want to pack shorts and a tank top when it is going to be 30 degrees. I always check the weather the night before we leave so if I need anything I and adjust my bags. 

Fun Dress: Most people would recommend a little black dress. I say bring a dress that is filled with colors, designs, or patterns. Dresses can be extremely versatile. You can wear them alone, layer it with jewelry, or redesign it into a skirt. 

Simple Shoes: I think shoes are one of the most important things. You can’t bring a lot of them because they take up a lot of space but you should have enough to be versatile. My rule is two flats, one sneaker, and a slip on shoes for the plane. I recommend bring one white pair of sneakers and one black pair of slip on shoes. Then get more stylish and funky with the flats just for some variety. 

Neutral Tops: This is the second most important essential. You can’t go wrong with a basic top, red lipstick, and bold earrings. You automatically look put together, no questions asked. It’s an easy enough outfit to put together with no thought. This makes getting ready easier and faster. When picking neutrals, add some that have a breathable fabric.

Dark Denim: The perfect little black pants or jeans that makes your butt look amazing while slimming your thighs, yes those jeans. Dark jeans are so easy to dress up with a pair of heels or down for a fun day of sightseeing. I always bring two pairs of dark denim and since they are dark when not if but when I do mess them up it is easy to clean. 

Simple Accessories: I tend to go back and forth with this. I love wearing simple accessories but I also love things with flare and color to add to my basics. These just give my outfit a pop of color. I always recommend gold layered necklaces and hoop earrings. They are simple but effective to making your outfits even more pulled together. 

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