Date Night Outfit Ideas





I look forward to Friday because it is date night for us. I love date night it allows me to dress up and feel girly. Since it has been brutally hot here in Florida, most of our date nights have been at home on the couch with a Netflix show or movie. This is honestly the best type of date night. But it is nice to get all dressed up and have a night on the town.I absolutely love to wear light and airy outfits that are not cumbersome. Here in Florida, it is still burning hot at night. You just can’t escape the heat.

I decided for this date night to wear something simple that packed a little punch. I like to be fun and flirty when going on a date night. This skirt is so cute and I love it. It is something I can wear with so many tops and still feel sassy. I decided to pair it with an off-shoulder top which is my go-to top. I love an off-shoulder top because I love showing off my shoulders. The key to a sexy shoulder is adding a highlight to give it that glow. Date night is supposed to be a fun and intimate time. Wear something that is comfortable and makes you feel happy and sexy and gives a splash of confidence.

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