My Travel Essentials: Packing List

It’s always a good time to go on vacation. And not all vacations require plane tickets and a suitcase but they do require a few common essentials. I have always been an efficient packer and sometimes I over-pack because I am always thinking of the unknown. I have a travel pouch that carries all of my travel essentials. I replenish if needed before each trip. Yes, I am the person with medication, bug spray, and a first aid kit in my purse when I travel. You just never know! We are now approaching the busiest time of year. We are all taking road trips to see families or buying plane tickets to visit friends. Plus, who does not like to travel and expand their minds? Now, let’s get to the essentials !

Passport: I know that is a duh! But you won’t believe the amount of people who forget their passport or ID. The essential part of the passport is the physical document. The holder is important too. I always keep mine in a bright holder or something with a fun pattern that matches the vacation vibes. 

Wrinkle release spray: We have all been through it after a long journey: we pull out a shirt and it is wrinkled beyond repair. There is no iron in the room. First thing when you arrive at your destination, unpack your bags and hang your clothes. This allows them to dry out and release some wrinkles. Second tip is to purchase wrinkle release spray, add some to your clothing, take a hot steamy shower, and let the clothes hang in the shower. It will take the wrinkles out and look like new.

First aid kit: There are mini first-aid kits you can buy and add other essentials to. I always bring one and add hairpins, blister pads, and medication as a backup. Even if it’s something you may never need, it may be a good idea to pack it. You never know when you will need it. 

Beauty Bag: I get an Ipsy bag every month and I save a few items as travel cosmetics to toss in my bag. I only bring the things that are necessary. My beauty bag contains: detangle brush, refresh wipes, gum, toothbrush and toothpaste, lotion, compact powder with mirror, sunscreen, and deodorant. I always bring an extra perfume because I love to layer my scent throughout the day. I always add my perfume to a hard-cased perfume holder. In another beauty bag, I always add in essentials for the plane so I can stay moisturized. Yes, I am that person with a mask on the plane. 

Laundry bag: Last but not least: pack a laundry bag. I know no one wants to do laundry on vacation. Well, just bring a bag and pack it all in. I would recommend a mesh bag so you don’t trap in the funk, lol. If you are going on a tropical vacation and the swimsuit has not dried, I would recommend a nylon bag so your other clothes do not get soaked in the journey home. Also, adding dryer sheets to your bag will make a difference when being traveled home. And if you have a shorter trip, you can bring a travel size febreze. It will help refresh your clothes.


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