Around Town: Ponce De Leon Inlet Lighthouse


Hello everyone! Going to a lighthouse is a great way to have a weekend trip. I have to be honest that I never knew much about lighthouses other learning about them when I was a child. Growing up in Florida, I have never seen a lighthouse so I was extremely excited to visit this one. We got an early start, packed up the car with snacks, and got on with our 50 mile journey. The car ride was easy and went surprisingly smooth. We did not hit any traffic and did not run out of food though I forgot a bag of snacks. Once we got into the small town where the light house is, it was so cute and charming. Filled with vibrant color homes and a beautiful restaurant. We finally made it to our destination. I was not sure what to expect but it was beautiful and the lighthouse popped from any angle. 

First, we walked into the gift shop and purchased our tickets. It was only $15 for the both of us which I thought was a great price for the experience. Walking onto the ground of the lighthouse felt very special. We started at the first building to the right which was the house of one of the keepers of the lighthouse. I seriously learned so much from going into each person’s home and seeing how they lived. Once we were all done checking out the building around the lighthouse, it was time to try and conquer the 203 steps it took to get to the top. We thought we would accomplish these steps since there was an area to stop and rest. But oh no! We made it to a little over half way and were both soaking in sweat and could not take it anymore. Not only that but it was busy in the lighthouse and in order to walk up the steps, you have to step aside to let other people pass by. Since it was our first time, we simply were not prepared. I decided to be cute and wear a long sleeve but that was the worst idea of life. It was extremely hot because the lighthouse was made of concrete with no fan or air conditioning. It was torturous to be inside the lighthouse but it was a memorable experience overall. I would do this again but next time, I will conquer the stairs and come out victorious. What have you explored this summer? Let me know on Instagram!

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