Summer Hair Trend



I am so ready for summer with this new trend that I have been loving lately. Yes! You guessed it, HAIR BARRETTES !! As a 90s kids from the islands, my mom adorned my hair with bows, barrettes, and scrunchies. I love my hair and looking back at the pictures and seeing how perfect my hair accessories made my outfit. I remember having a bin filled with so many different hair accessories and I loved being able to go through all of it. Playing dress up and adding barrettes all over my hair and clothes. I am super excited that this trend is coming back and the 90s kid in me can play with all the barrettes again. 

 With this trend coming back, there are so many new technologies that makes them more sturdy and unique. They now come in geometric shapes, more colors, new metals and new embellishments. These can all add so much to an outfit without saying too much. Summer hair accessories have an important purpose. They are a simple and easy way for all the hairstyle repeat offenders to switch up the routine with minimal effort. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and try a few new hairpins.

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