Around Town: Loews Portofino Bay Hotel



I have to say, this hotel feels like you took a trip to Portofino in Italy. When I was an avid park goer, I used to always stay at this hotel. It was a peaceful place. The hotel This hotel is a magical wonderland with a beautiful bay that transforms to a romantic wonderland at night. Spending time outside and walking around the waterfront was a beautiful experience.  After we walked along the bay front, we sat at one of the restaurants that faced the water and enjoyed the night. After coming back to this hotel with my hubby, I was able to experience it in a new light. From the mesmerizing architecture to the picturesque venue, the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Studios would be my top pick for places to stay in Orlando.

This hotel is beautiful and grand in the best way. The first time I visited the hotel, it was overwhelming in the best way. It was big but at the same time, there was so much to see. All of the hallways and multiple levels of the hotel have something charming and cute. One thing that I love about this hotel other than its Italian charm is how amazing the staff of the hotel was. They were amazing and extremely accommodating for anything you need. Most Universal Studio Resorts are kid friendly and this hotel does have kid friendly features. I would also recommend the Portofino Hotel as a great hotel for romantic couples getaway. Share with me the places you love to visit when you come to Orlando.


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