Around Town: Clean Juice

  I have really been into juicing lately. I do not have the courage to try pure celery juice but it is the next one my list. I shall conquer the ultimate celery juice soon. It was a gloomy day so I went on a little walk around the Winter Park Village. And, of course, Florida weather is so unpredictable that it started raining. I dashed into Clean Juice which I had never been in before. I walked in and I thought it was the cutest juice shop. The people were really friendly and helped me create the perfect clean juice. The menu had a lot of variety and everything sounded so yummy but also healthy.

  When it comes to eating healthy, it is hard to find foods that hit the spot but are also filled with flavor. The menu had so many different combos and flavors, you will never get bored of trying new things. This time, I decided to try the Daily One with pineapple. As I sat down and sipped on my juice, it was like the clouds parted and the rain went away. It was delicious. It felt fresh and new, just what I needed after a long gloomy day and strolling around Winter Park. I have made going to clean juice a part of my weekly routine along with trying new combos and even avocado toast. I have to say, it is mighty tasty.


Things I would recommend:

The Berry Bowl

The Energy

Mangoes and Cream

The Tropical One 

The Glow One



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