Hello Sunshine: Yellow Dress


Summer is upon us! This dress has me excited about summer. I usually wear black with a little more black with pink and more pink. Pink is my favorite color. This summer, I introduced new colors and patterns. I picked up this dress from SheIn. I will have to say the dress material is really soft and airy which is perfect for the heat we experience here in Florida. I randomly came across this dress when I was searching for cute yellow summer dress. What attracted me to this dress was the bright color yellow and that it was off-shoulder. I always think something that is-off shoulder is elegant but still sexy. This dress was perfect for a summer stroll from the shopping villages.  The most important point to fashion is to look fabulous but still be comfortable. This dress gives me all of those feels. I love that I can dress it up or down no problem and still feel comfortable and happy within my clothes. 

This dress is also fun, it makes you want to swirl and move around and shake your groove thing. I have always been a fan of the color yellow, especially with my skin tone. I always receive compliments when I wear a brighter shade of yellow. After taking photos in the dress and seeing how I look, it has encouraged me to be more bold in the patterns and colors that I wear. I may not go crazy and start wearing the rainbow. Well, maybe I will, who knows. Don’t get stuck in the comfort zone of colors you think may work for you. It’s about finding the shade within the color wheel that fits your skin tone. So get out there and try new styles, there is no commitment to adding something new into your cart and trying it on. What is your favorite color to wear in the summer ?

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