Summer Picnic in Winter Park

Even though Florida weather can be brutal during the summer, it can also be so beautiful outside. It would be such a waste to not enjoy the weather on a warm day. I often keep a picnic basket in the front closet just for those special days. I love a great picnic day. It allows me to enjoy great home cooked treats and indulge in nature. Picnics do not have to be home cooked meals. They can also include sandwiches, snacks, cold salads, fun mock tails, and other finger foods. Nothing that takes too much effort. I love to take advantage of being outside. 

I have some many different memories of fun picnic dates. You can have a picnic anywhere: your backyard, park, or even in your living room. With the right decor and mindset, you can enjoy a picnic anywhere you are. I love doing the picnic that gives me an opportunity to unplug and have an intimate conversation. 

During this picnic, I decided to keep the food simple while adding a little bubbly. I always set up my picnic in a romantic and inviting place. I add flowers with hints of feminine touches and fresh bakery treats to top off a beautiful day in the park. Fall is right around the corner and it is the start of the holiday festivities so why not add a picnic to the list? You won’t regret it. I am glad that we found somewhere we can be in the city but yet feel so far away. We enjoyed this picnic so much, we decided to make it an annual thing.



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