Fun Hair Accessories for Any Season

When I look back on pictures of myself when I was younger, I realize my mother always added fun accessories or some barrettes in my hair. As I got older, it seemed that wearing barrettes was a bit childish and I never thought to wear them in my hair. I am excited about them being a trend right now. I can now go overboard and wear them all. I am just kidding. Oh wait, no, I am obsessed! When you first start looking at hair accessories, they tend to be expensive since they are such a hot trend right now. But do not worry, there are inexpensive hair accessories. If you are hesitant about trying the hair accessory movement, start off with something simple and build your collection from there. 

I am loving this trend for adding a fun element to any outfit with limited effort. I sometimes feel like barrettes are magical. You add one to a bad hair style and it instantly makes you look put together. I am glad this 90’s magical trend is back and comes in so many types, styles, and colors. Let me tell you, I am here for it. I hope this article inspires ideas to spice up your hairstyle with a better accessories. I picked up these cuties from Riley Rose. This was my first time going into that store and it was different. It was a mixture of Forever 21 and Ulta. It was a perfect place to shop and get lost in all the nice things that they have to offer. I am so excited to wear more accessories in my hair to show off my artsy fashion sense. 


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