Weekend Favorite: My Weekend Routine

I look forward to every weekend, not only because the work week is over but I also have a few favorite things I get excited about each weekend. But first, when does your weekend start? Friday or Saturday? I always thought of Friday as the cherry on top of every weekend. Every Friday, I race home and get the party started. These days it is a face mask and textbooks but, boy, let me tell you, its a real rager. Weekends are the time to relax, catch up on sleep, and work on your favorite hobbies. I look forward to every weekend no matter if it’s going to be busy or I have no clue what I am going to do all weekend. Every weekend is different, nothing is really ever the same but I try to keep these few things constant. Having a weekend routine is great because it allows you to maintain the structure you have all week. I always maintain my same schedule on the weekend that I do during the week so when it is time to start the work week, I won’t drag as much when starting on Monday. 

Food prep: Every weekend, hubby and I go grocery shopping and prep for meals throughout the week. Most of the time, it is just chopping up veggies, marinating meat, and washing / freezing fruit. Food prep is a time saver when making meals throughout the week. 

Clean up, clean up everyone everywhere: I do a deep cleaning every weekend. I wash sheets, move furniture, and scrub floors. I start by catching up with my favorite podcasts. I go room by room and make sure each space is fresh and ready for the week. Spring cleaning on the weekend helps create a clean home through the week. 

Work on my blog: Working on my blog may mean various things. I do batch work for my blog since I do work a full time job. It can be difficult to keep up with everything that is required to be a full time blogger. I take each weekend to write posts, edit pictures, and learn more about different skills to hopefully help me be better. Eventually, I want this to be my full time job. 

Work out and keep hydrated: Let me be the first to say: I am the worst at working out. I try my best but sometimes it’s the thing that slips under the crack. But I have found new ways to add in a workout while staying hydrated. Staying hydrated has become easier since I started making more of an effort to drink more water while on the go. 

Beauty refresh: Last thing I do each weekend is refresh all of my beauty products. I clean all of my makeup brushes, wash my clothes, prep outfits for the week, and paint my nails if I am feeling like it. I prefer my nails to have no nail polish (sometimes). I do my self-care routine from my hair to feet. 

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