Fall Neutral: Maxi Dress

Neutral colors are where basic meets fashion. The main thing I love about neutral colors is that you can mix and match. Dress it up with other patterns or neutrals, dress it down with sneakers and simple accessories. I have been loving the trend of wearing a monochromatic outfit especially with neutrals. The way the tones and colors play off each other is beautiful. I am a simple girl at heart, neutral and I go together like peanut butter and jelly. Everyone should have a few basics within their wardrobe. I tend to splurge on my basics because they never go out of style. They is always something I can incorporate in any outfit and you can never go wrong with a neutral since they go with literally everything. 

I have been seriously wearing this dress with these wedges everyday. It is one of the most comfortable dresses I have ever worn. It is so easy to throw on and it is a versatile piece. This dress lays perfectly on my curves and I did not think to add anything else to the dress. I think it is the perfect neutral dress that I can dress up for a fun date night. The dress is for the fall  here in Florida, it is comfortable and the color makes a difference in how you feel. Everyone has their own go-to neutral. If you don’t have one, add them to your wardrobe. A neutral outfit is so chic and a staple in anyone’s closet. It makes getting dressed so much easier. You can add, mix, match, and much more. What neutrals you are wearing this year?


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