Indulging in a treat: 5 min guilt free treats

Is anyone else a major sweet tooth? For me, it is out of control! With my new lifestyle, it has been hard to cut sweets out completely. Now, I have dessert as a treat every once in a while. It can be very satisfying to have a treat with a healthy lunch meal. Good news for anyone that has a sweet tooth without the guilt. No more of the bad and processed foods, these are easy snacks for on-the-go. Now that I am on a new lifestyle, finding new snacks that satisfy my sweet tooth is part of the journey. 


    1. Dates and almond butter: Grab four or five dates. Slice them in half and spoon in some almond butter or peanut butter. Just a few of these and my cravings go away. 
    2. Homemade popcorn: Popcorn can be healthy if you make it over the stove. Surviving on only popcorn is a goal of mine. If you need a sweet kick, you can add cinnamon and melted dark chocolate. 
    3. Chia seed pudding parfait: This is great because you can make it ahead of time. This snack is one of those foods where the longer it sits, the better it tastes. I love making chia seed pudding with almond milk, berries, and granola. Layering the pudding with different fruits and some honey is an easy snack. 
    4. Apple nachos: Slice up an ambrosia apple. Go in with toppings such as almonds, coconut flakes, and honey. And if you are feeling adventurous, add some caramel and melted peanut butter.
    5. Fruit salad: Never underestimate how delicious fruit salad can be. A fruit salad is like an all-natural pack of skittles. I love combining citrus fruits with blueberries and nuts with some spinach, it was delicious. 
    6. Homemade Popsicle: During the summer I love to make homemade popsicles, especially during the hottest days. It’s so easy to make, even if you do not have a juicer. You can buy fresh juice and make simple mixtures like strawberry and lemon.
    7. No bake yogurt pie: This is a game changer when are going to party. You can make a big impact with everyone. You can make this in no time and it packs a punch. Add any yogurt to a pie-crust, drizzle puree, then let it freeze. Once it has hardened, add granola for some crunch and decorate with more berries. 
    8. Grill your fruit: More than just meat can go on the grill. You can grill pineapple, apples, peaches, and many more. Grilling gives fruit a sweeter and burnt taste in the best way. Plus, if you grill with flavored wood, the fruit takes on the flavors of the wood and takes it to the next level. 




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