Exploring the Garden

How many people take long romantic trips down the flower aisle at Lowes? I do. I love going into Lowes, I do not know why. Maybe because looking at all of the tiles and other home improvement projects makes me so excited to buy my own home and renovate. This past weekend, we went into the Lowes gardening center. It was a blast looking at all of the plants and flowers. Even though I do not have a green thumb, I still love flowers. Wanting to learn how to grow anything or keep it alive is a goal for me. I told myself if I can keep my flowers alive for more than a month, I am making progress in learning how to grow plants. So when I do get my home, it can be filled with freshly picked flowers from my garden. 

When we arrived at Lowes, everyone was nice and willing to help us. I was honest when she asked me if I needed help. We proceeded to talk about life then we went on to plants and flowers. I explained we lived in an apartment with a covered balcony. And we are in the process of learning how to take care of houseplants. She kindly showed us around and helped pick out a few plants and seed packets. After we checked out, she simplified the back of the seed packets. When we got home, it was easy to figure out the first steps and how to grow. It has been an exciting process learning how to grow my own flowers. Flowers have always been a part of my  life. It is now so much more fun knowing how to take care of the flowers. I can’t wait to pick my flowers and place them on the table. 


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