Fleur: Floral Dress for Any Season

This dress is a perfect idea considering that I am a sucker for anything floral. Normally, when you think of floral, it is usually something you can only wear in the spring. Floral can be worn at any time of the year. I especially love this dress, it is so sweet and cozy all at the same time. As the weather changes, so does our wardrobe. I love using seasonal clothing and working them into other seasons. The ruffle detail on the strap is so darling. It is an easy piece to throw on which is the best part of the dress.  

This weekend, we had a lunch date at the Meads Garden. I decided to take this dress out for a spin. A true test for a dress is taking it out in the Florida heat and seeing how I feel wearing it around all day. This dress passes the test, it was so comfortable. I felt sassy and cute all day. The dress falls perfectly on my curves. I usually wear clothes that are a little oversized. It was a surprise to me that I felt great enough to wear it out and take pictures, it is something special. Every woman should own the best version of a floral dress for every occasion. I am glad I found my floral dress and something that makes me feel confident in the skin I am in. 


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