Oral Health: 5 Things You Need for Oral Health

DSCF2133DSCF2137DSCF2143DSCF2145DSCF2149DSCF2156DSCF2158DSCF2160DSCF2165DSCF2167DSCF2169Who remembers your mom pinning you down or chasing you around to get you to brush your teeth? When I was younger, I was like most kids and I loved candy and not care for taking care of my teeth. As I got older, it became apparent that taking care of your teeth was an extremely important. Nothing is worse than getting a cavity and not having the money to fix it and having to go through the pain of a toothache. Having sensitive teeth or a toothache is one of the worst pains anyone can experience. So I make it a point to take great care of my teeth. Here are five things I use to help take care of my teeth. 

Electric toothbrush: I used a manual toothbrush and I thought I was doing a great job with getting my teeth clean. But nothing gets your teeth clean better than an electric toothbrush. After I brush my teeth for the full 2 min, they feel so fresh and clean, clean. 

Flossing: I used to hate flossing because it takes forever to get into all the nooks in my mouth. The game changer for flossing was using a water flosser, it makes such a difference. I love the way it feels and takes half of the time compared with using a regular floss. 

Clean on the go: Taking a small pouch with essentials such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss picks, and mouthwash. Usually after I eat lunch, I take my pouch and bottled water. I brush my teeth and clean the inside of my mouth, which feels so good after having lunch. Especially after having garlic, woah. So it’s nice to floss away the stink.

Tongue scraper: This is a big game changer. Seeing it for the first time, I was like umm this looks like it’s going to be uncomfortable. But I was like suck it up you can do this! I started scraping my tongue and OMG, it was the best feeling ever. Your mouth feels fresh and new. If you do anything, do this. it will give you a cleaner mouth and help with any discoloration on your tongue. 

Visit a dentist: I know this might seem like DUH. But most people that I have met do not like going to the dentist. It is important even if you are going to a check up a cleaning. A dentist can help you work on getting a better routine with how to properly clean your mouth. Plus you can get things fixed before they become a serious problem. If you are like me and do not like the dentist, bring music or something that can be happy and distracted.


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