6 Things I look Forward to Each Season

One of the main things that I missed with living in Florida is the changing of the seasons. It goes from hot to really hot to manageable weather. I find something each season to look forward to so as the season starts, I can feel better about what’s ahead. I enjoy doing everything from going out and getting new candles, finding new season-friendly clothes, and getting on a new healthy kick. I love dressing for the different times of year.

  1. The best part of a new season is fashion, right? I love being able to pull out my boots and jackets for fall. Scarfs and beanies for winter and yes, it does get cold in Florida. The best part of each season is going shopping. 
  2. Healthy kicks happen for me each season. I try something new each season. Just to figure of what works for me. The seasons last long enough for me to see what works for me and my body. Being healthy is important to me so I look forward to trying anything.
  3. Seasonal events around town. I check out Orlando Weekly once every two weeks to see what is going on. I love starting new traditions with my husband even if it’s pumpkin picking or christmas shopping at home goods. 
  4. Staycation or a family vacation. The end of the year is when we take most of our trips. During the summer months, hubby and I love to take a few staycations to get to know our state even more. When a season starts, I can not wait to start planning a vacation.
  5. Starbucks. Yes, if you know anything about me, I have an obsession with seasonal Starbucks drinks. For seasonal drinks, I prefer to get things that I know are tailor-made for that season. It usually makes me so happy to get a snickerdoodle hot chocolate when its cold and a dragon with coconut milk in the summer when it’s hot. 
  6. Changing up my skin care. Each season, changing up my skin care is so much fun. I take pride in taking care of my skin. I love trying on new skincare treatments. I believe that skincare is the one thing in your life you should splurge on. If you do not have a ton of money to continue buying skincare items, try a subscription box. I currently have Ipsy and Sephora Play box. They are only $10 dollars a month and you can try new things.



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