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Color Blocking: Element of Style



I have really been into fashion lately and completely obsessed with elements of home. It’s a slippery slope. How many people get over their space after it has been the same for a while? Our cozy apartment has been re-styled three times since we have moved. According to my obsession with homeware, that is simply not enough. So of course, it is the time of year that I am ready to rotate furniture and give other things a new home. I have been reading so many books and articles about what makes a home. I picked up the famous coffee table book: Elements of Style: Design a Home a Life. I love having coffee table books around my home. But I love coffee table books that are also a great read and I can learn tips from and incorporate into my small apartment. Trust me, finding your style in a small apartment is hard. Space is limited and who wants to go through the processes of painting? This book is a great read through. I was able to finish it in three days. Which is a win for my schedule right now. I have learned so many new tips and tricks that I can use even with the place I am in now. I wanted to share a few things I have learned with home decor, not only from this book, but from all my  findings.


  1. Where to start ? The consensus among most people that I have spoken with and books I have read is to start with fabric. Well that is hard. In my opinion, you should start with color. Paint can make or break a room. And changing the tone of the fabric you spent so much time picking. Once you get a color in mind, everything else will fall in place. 
  2. Was it a waste ? – It is okay to take time to learn and change your mind. Your style is ever evolving. Learning your style is important to your home. It’s your space. You should be happy and comfortable. I never think taking your time is a waste. If it does not work, sell it on the internet and buy something else that expresses your style. 
  3. Texture – In a small space, it is important to add plenty of textures and materials. One of the first things I learned while having a monochromatic home is that just  white everywhere is a bit harsh. Bringing in textures will help soften up and add warmth to any space.

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