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Pretty Little Shoes for Any Season

We all have a favorite pair of shoes that we wear and wear until they fall apart. I love to find shoes that I can own for years. Over the years, I learned that it is so important to splurge a little more on shoes. They get the most wear out of anything in your wardrobe. Shoes can transform the vibe of an outfit. You can wear a beautiful mini-dress and add a slip-on or a pair of sneakers and you have a casual outfit. With that being said, your shoes can make or break your outfit. I love to try new trends in shoes because I never know what I will fall in love with. 

These beauties I actually found on the same day I bought my wedding shoes. They actually found me. After a few strolls around Burlington, I found these tucked away as if they were hidden. How many of you have done that in stores ? You find something that is beautiful and you plan on coming back for it and you pop in behind something hoping that no one finds it. I found these on sale for only $10. What a bargain ! The first thing I noticed was the bling and then the red tag. I could not believe the price for the quality. These are not something I would usually go for but I just love the color. These have now become my favorite pair of shoes.

DSCF4625 - Copy - CopyDSCF4631 - Copy - CopyDSCF4631DSCF4632 - Copy (2)DSCF4641 - Copy - CopyDSCF4650 - CopyDSCF4654DSCF4658 - CopyDSCF4659 - CopyDSCF4665DSCF4676DSCF4681DSCF4691DSCF4693

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