Celebrating Blogging: 2 Year Anniversary

I seriously can’t believe I have been doing this for two years. I can remember when it was all just an idea and I was shaking in my boots about whether I should start. Then I finally started and the first thing was picking the name. I went through different names: Eclectic Kristal was the first one that came to my head when planning up my blog and it made the most sense. It describes my style perfectly and no matter which direction I go in, the name can follow me. After I got the name, everything else fell into place from there and I started learning as much as I can. To celebrate, hubby surprised me with a cupcake and a pink photo shoot. There is nothing better than taking a picture in front of a pink wall and eating an amazing delish cupcake. Best way to celebrate two years of blogging. To celebrate with everyone else, I am answering popular questions that I get. 


What is your biggest regret ? 

To be completely honest, I have two major regrets with my blog. First is that I did not start sooner. Blogging encompasses everything that I love doing: writing, photography, creative projects, and marketing. I was always the kid in math class making sketches on home design and all kinds of doodles. I wish I started in high school which was when I found out about blogging. But I put my future in other people’s hands and did not have the mind or backbone to follow my dreams and do what makes me happy. I simply cared way too much of what people would think. Second is when I did finally start my blog and it was doing really well, I quit for a few months. I got really overwhelmed with life and I could not keep up. I stopped posting and lost the majority of my audience, which was the biggest mistake. Long story short, follow your dreams and don’t waste time or money trying to make others happy. And when you start, stay consistent.


What does a week of blogging look like ? Who takes your pictures ?

Blogging is something I enjoy doing but it is hard because I do have a full time job and I am a full time student. My schedule is packed through the week. In terms of blogging, how I make it work is I do batching. Monday-Thursday, I write all of the blog posts. On Monday, I write down all of my ideas and write the posts. The weekend is when we shoot all the picture. My husband helps me and takes all of my picture. We pack up the car with the outfits and we go out and shoot. On the weekends, I also edit my picture and get them ready to go out. 


What do you hope to get out of this ? 

My plans for this blog are to keep learning and growing. I, one day, hope this can become my full time job. I am still learning about how to make money with my blog. I am waiting to make more than I am with my regular 9-5  before I go full time. I hope to find my voice and gain a new perspective on life through getting out of my shell. 


What’s your favorite thing about blogging? What’s your least favorite?


My favorite part is having the ability to do everything that I love rolled into one thing. Blogging is fun, it allows me to be creative and let loose all of my creative mojo. It makes me so happy to get home from a long day and sit on a comfy couch and blast through a few blog posts. Also when I get a job well done from a follower, it makes me so happy and keeps me going. 



That I did not start earlier. It is so much harder to make it now and gain a following. It is hard to figure out marketing and the business side of being a blogger. It is not as easy as it seems. Once you feel like you nailed one thing, it’s something else and things change. But I put on my positive attitude and keep learning and growing. 


Do you think it’s worth it start now ? How to stay motivated ?

Following your dreams is what is important. I am not going to lie, starting now is way more difficult than starting back in 2000.  But if it’s your passion and you are in it for the right reasons, you will make it and be fine. So yes, it’s worth it. It has been for me. I stay motivated by celebrating the small victories. No matter what happens, I stay positive and keep moving. I focus on myself and what I am doing. You can’t compare yourself to others. Be happy and proud of your accomplishments. Looking at someone that has been doing this for 5 years and you started two months ago is not the best idea. Be your own cheerleader, no one has your back like you do. 

I am so glad I followed my dreams and started going full force as much as I can. It has been hard but totally worth it. I am not going to lie,some day sit ends in tears but I wipe my tears and keep going because I believe in myself and what I am doing. I appreciate everyone’s support by liking, sharing and commenting on my posts. If you want to keep up with me follow me on instagram. Check out my first blog post:



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