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Making a Floral Arrangement

I love receiving flowers from my husband. It’s the best, coziest feeling. I do not have a green thumb but I do have a knack for finding beautiful things and arranging items. Finding an amazing floral arrangement can be costly. I prefer to make my own arrangements when I can gather floral supplies from the grocery store. I love to gather supplies for Publix, Dollar Store, and, best of all, Target Dollar stop. Having florals, fresh or not, helps refresh any space with a pop of color. I have learned some tricks in the art of floral arrangements. I took some time this weekend to put together some floral arrangements that I am in love with. I went into my local Publix shop and I gathered a few flowers. If you have a love of floral things like I do, here are a few tips to help you create a floral arrangement on a budget but look like a professional. 

Gather all the materials: Start off with the idea even before you go to the store. Gather your thoughts on colors, theme, and accessories that you may need. I love feeling like a floral goddess while sitting on the floor surrounded by flowers. 

Measure twice, cut once: Once you have got all the materials measure your flowers to the size of the container that you are using. Take you time when measuring the flowers it can look more crowded when cutting.

Take and add some greenery: One of the main tricks that I learned was to clean up the steam of the flowers. It gives them a clean and professional look. Do not clean off the foliage just the steam. Now time to add the greenery When buying flowers add purchases some greenery. Having greenery adds dimension and character to any arrangement. 

3 different types of flowers: When making floral arrangement getting different types of flowers with different textures and heights makes the arrangement feel more elegant and put together. 

And that is it, it’s that easy. Tag me in your floral arrangement on Instagram ! 



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