Ray of Sunshine: Perfect Yellow Top


Another great thrift store find. I am seriously becoming a thrift store addict and I am here for it. Once again, I checked through the racks and this color stood out to me. I have been a huge fan of the color yellow. Especially this time of the year it can be bright but yet cozy and warm. Everytime I wear this color I always get great compliments. I love how soft the shirt and a breathable fabric. This is technically a summer top but I love having pieces that can be transitional pieces. I was able to pick up this top for $3 at Goodwill. One of the things  I loved about Florida is the when the season changed that does not mean that I need to pack up all of my summer clothes. I love being able to get creative with my clothes, on this day it was the perfect temperature to wear an off shoulder top. As it does get a little more cold I can see myself wearing this shirt over a white button up or a blazer and black jeans. I believe style should be transitional. 


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