Seeing Stripes: The Perfect Stripe Shirt

A striped shirt should be an essential in everyone’s closet. For a while, I was obsessed with striped shirts and wore a different one every other day. We have all had that one striped shirt in the back of the closet that you only take out once a year. I had this shirt for a few years and rarely wore it, only once in a while. When I do, I usually style it with a jean jacket and ripped jeans. Stripes have been a nightmare in the past with fashion but now, it has its own fashion stake. After I found this shirt, I thought of a different way to wear this shirt other than the usual style. 

Stripe shirts are a wardrobe staple. Everyone needs one, no matter what. They are an effortless item. They add personality to any wardrobe with one piece. A striped tee can be worn around town and then turned around and made into a fun night outfit. With a striped shirt, whatever accessories you add have to be complementary. Stripes can be overpowering. The bolder stripes and stripes with more colors can be overwhelming. Since stripes is such a classic look, stick it with more muted accessories. I paired this with my go-to summer dress. I was so sad that summer was over. Not really, I’m over the heat but I have been thinking of new ways to wear it in the fall. Layering pieces worn in summer with pieces from fall is a great way to continue using pieces. 



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