Fall Shoe Guide Round Up

First comes fall then comes fashion then they had a boot within a boot like fashion. Nothing is better than hearing the sound of the bin as you pull shoes from the back. Your clothes shining from all of light coming off your boots and winter shoes. I love to wear booties and warm cozy sneakers with thick socks. But in Florida, it is simply too hot to wear certain shoes. You will reap the consequences after you remove your shoes. I love to go shopping for all kinds of different fall shoes, it is so fun. I wanted to share a mixture of all shoes. Not just the boots but all of the shoes that are appropriate for the fall. Even in Florida, I can appreciate wearing a boot but I also love a slip-on shoe. 

Loafer or Mules

I feel like I get the most cost per wear out of a loafer. They are so easy to put on and get a lot of style out of them. I keep at least one pair by the door so I have them for easy access. I love how these can be worn with pretty much anything and come in so many colors and styles that you can mix and match with outfits.

Knee High Over the Over. 

It is hard for me to find knee high boots that fit well. I am very short and as much as I love the look, it can be quite difficult to find ones that do not look ridiculous on me. It is worth it to find a pair that fits your height. 

Booties and boots. 

I am not the biggest fan of boots because they can be too heavy and hot. And even though it does get cold here in Florida, it does not get cold enough to wear thick cute boots that are designed for the snow or hiking. But I do love a pair of ankle booties that I can wear with jeans or a dress. I prefer booties that either have a side slip or some type of cut out detail. These are perfect for fall, no matter where you live. 


Keds, Converse, Adidas, and Nike. You name it, I love a sneaker. They are so comfortable and easy to walk around in and be stylish. Sneakers have come a long way from being sporty to fabulous. If you wear them well, you can wear sneakers with a dress and still look chic. Sneakers are meant to be fun and to be worn in a fun and stylish way even through fall. 

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