4 Stylish Transitional Jackets

It is finally fall and it is finally cold enough to wear a proper jacket here in Florida. I am so excited to pull out the jackets and cozy up. A jacket can really dictate your outfit from casual to glammed out. I love to drape a great coat over my outfit, it automatically makes me feel stylish. I want to draw your attention to must have fall jackets. It time to start collecting the jackets we need to get us through the winter. Each year, I find a piece to invest in whether it is a bag or shoes or a great jacket, something I can wear for years. But during the fall, I invest in a jacket. It does not really get cold here in Florida but it definitely gets chilly. I love to make a statement without spending a lot of money. There is no need to break open the piggy bank for fashion. These are my 4 favorite jackets to have during the fall. 

Jean Jacket: Let’s start with the must have closet staple: a jean jacket. If you do not have a jean jacket then go out and get one. I will wait. Go on, buy one. I think a jean jacket is a must in anyone’s wardrobe, no matter your size or age. This jacket is an honorable mention. It is seriously the only jacket you need. It comes in so many different fits and denim washes that it will be easy for you to find something you fancy. 

Leather Jacket: This is another honorable mention. A leather jacket looks great on everyone. I have always owned at least one. Now, they come in many colors and accessories. I have been looking for a red leather jacket with silver trimming. You can wear a leather jacket with pretty much anything. If you want to go more rugged or all the way glam. 

Duster Jacket: I bought this jacket on Amazon for my trip to San Francisco. It was the only jacket that I needed. It is oversized but that is how I prefer a jacket like this. It allows me to add clothing underneath such as  a turtleneck or a cute sweater. And the color, it is my favorite! And you can not go wrong with pink, right? For fall, do not be afraid of color and wearing your jackets a little oversized. 

Utility Jacket: This is more of a trendy jacket than a trend coat for fall. This jacket is also like my raincoat. Surprisingly during the fall it does not rain a lot in Florida. But this comes in handy when it starts to sprinkle. It is great to have this jacket in your back pocket. 

These are my top jackets for the fall. I do want to mention one last jacket: a cape jacket. I purchased one about a year ago and it is fabulous. These are hands down my favorite trends for fall. I would love to know: what are your favorite trends in jackets for this fall?


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