Pizza in Bed: 3 At Home Date Ideas

We don’t usually eat pizza in bed. We usually eat at a proper dining room. I am such a homebody that date night at home really makes my day. It is always the simple things in life that matter. Like making a pizza and cuddling in bed with my hubby. I would love to know, what is your favorite at home simple date ? There are so many ideas for what you can do for date night at home but these are winners for sure.

  1. Make a dinner- Oh no, not just any dinner. Something fancy. That is what makes it a little more special. Try cooking a dinner that is fancy or sounds fancy and having it in bed or creating a picnic on the living room floor. Do not put on a movie or a show, just play soft music and create great mood lighting with candles. If neither of you can cook, there is nothing better than takeout dinner by candlelight.
  2. Outdoor movie night – This is something I can not wait to do when we have a proper back yard. We have a wide balcony that works out for this. Find a plain white sheet and a projector to create a setup with snacks and blankets. Sit back and relax and enjoy the movies under the stars. If you live in Florida or some other place with a mosquito problem and can not stand the smell OFF, a natural way to get rid of the pest is to burn an orange peel.
  3. Spa – Make your own in-home luxury spa. Find those beauty products you only pull out during special occasions. My Husband and I love doing face masks and doing a proper skincare fiesta together. It is so much fun watching my husband try to figure out how to use certain things. During this time, put your phones on silent and talk to each other or play board games. Not only will you have fun but you will always wake up with amazing skin.


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