3 Christmas Traditions That Did Not Work For Us

We all have our favorite holiday traditions that we practice for years and pass down from generation to generation. After getting married, I have made tradition more of a big deal. I always thought that I would have the ideal traditions for our family before we even got married. If it’s watching that one Christmas movie we can’t get enough of or having that special family meal every year. Each year we try new things to see what sticks that we can carry out each year. But I have to be honest, there are a few things that we have tried to over again and it just does not stick. I love making new tradition each year. Let me know what traditions work and don’t work for your family ?


  1. Opening ONE gift on Christmas eve, this never works out. One gift turn into two that turns into almost off of the gifts. And we have nothing to open on Christmas. We tried to work it different way in terms of only opening stocking stuffers, holding the bigger gifts and it does not work. I can’t contain the excitement and I want to open everything.


  1. This makes me so sad because I love the family pictures. But we can not get the Christmas cards going each year. I am going to say this tradition does not work for right now. I am going to keep pushing for it. And maybe when we have kids we will try this again and hope it works out. 


  1. When I was younger, my favorite thing was going to see lights. It used to be as easy as walking outside and enjoy the lights in my neighborhood. Now finding lights is a far car ride away. And not as impressive as the previous years. Is it just me or are home Christmas lights going down hill ? This year we made a big deal out of it and got hot chocolate and Christmas music and it still was a let down. 


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